Amidst a Christian and Civilized People

"Amidst a Christian and Civilized People" is a monthly series of articles about the Kanza (or Kaw) Indians, Council Grove, and the Kansas Territory of 150 years ago. Written by Ron Parks, former administrator of the Kaw Mission State Historic Site in Council Grove, Kansas, these short essays relate specific events affecting the Kanzas while exploring the cutural and natural contexts in which they occurred. 

August 1858 --- "Covered All Over with White Settlers"

September 1858 -- "Kanza Agent Montgomery & Westport"

October 1858 --- "The Air is Filled with Smoke"

November 1858 -- "We Want a Gun Smith"

December 1858 --- "Erecting a Building of Suitable Size"

January 1859 --- "Whether Liquor Had Best Be Put In"

February 1859 --- "Four Reservation Villages"

March 1859 --- "The Ill Disposition Manifested Towards Him"

April 1859 --- "Horse Thieves are in Our Very Midst" 

May 1859 --- "As Though He were a Full-blooded White Man"

June 1859 --- "I Believe that Justice was Served"

July 1859 --- "New and Substantial Buildings"

August 1859 --- "Their Road to the Buffalo"

September 1859 --- "They Came Every Summer"

October 1859 --- "The Greenwood Treaty of 1859" 

November 1859 --- "A Suitable Counry for the Kanzas"

December 1859 --- "Supposed to Have Been Stolen"

January 1860 --- "Killing Wolves"

February 1860 -" Drunkeness is a Common Vice"

March 1860 - "Dancing was a Serious Affair"

April 1860 - "Mere Intruders upon Their Soil"

May 1860 - "Speaks Volumes for the Future"

June 1860 - "A Wild Roving People"

July 1860 - "Paying Tribute to the Sleeper Below"

August 1860 - "Roasting with the Drouth"

September 1860 - "What the Numbers Say" 

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