The Kanza Exiled

The postponement of Kaw removal for nearly a decade was not so much the result of a commitment to improve the tribe's condition as it was the federal government's desire to resolve the old conflict between squatters and speculators and dispose of both the trust lands and the diminished reservation in a manner satisfactory to all concerned, excluding, to be sure, the Kaws.


Despite the hardships they had suffered here, the Kaw did not want to leave the Neosho River Valley. However, on June 4, 1873, their last forced migration began and was completed without incident 17 days later.  The 600 remaining Kaws were removed to a reservation in Oklahoma, then called "Indian Territory."  In a gesture of understanding, the government allowed them to go on a buffalo hunt that fall.  Ironically, it was successful, even though it was their last.